I'm not a nudist, I promise...


Everything I have been buying recently has revolved around nude in some way, shape or form, so I thought why not just buy Rihanna's Nude perfume and be done with it.

No, actually to be perfectly honest I was totally swayed by the amazing offer they had on at Superdrug, 100ml Eau de Parfum for £20, which is amazing value, usual price is £37.50, and a tiny 30ml bottle costs £19, so I had to get it really.

Unfortunately the downside to getting the massive bottle is that you can't just shove it in your bag and I fear this might be a problem with this little gem because its such a light fragrance that I think I will fade quite quickly, here's hoping I'm wrong anyway. I can't describe scents very well, but this is one of those perfumes that smells like an expensive lady (not in the prostitute sense but in the super glamorous rich looking sense), its really fresh and light, it's kind of sweet but not overpowering at all, I think this will be a lovely Summer perfume.

"Rihanna launches Nude, the third fragrance that bears her name (the first was Reb'l Fleur, and Rebelle was the second). Nude by Rihanna is a sweet floral – fruity fragrance with a vanilla background. With its woody and skin musky notes, the fragrance transmits intimacy and a feeling of bare skin and nakedness.
Fruity aromas of guava, mandarin and pear are located at the opening of the composition. The heart is blended out of white flowers: gardenia petals, velvety Sambac jasmine and creamy orange blossom. The base consists of sandalwood, vanilla orchid and "second skin" musk.
Nude by Rihanna is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum."
* The above description of the scent has been taken from the Fragrantica website

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