Sensational Maybelline


Oh my God have I been obsessed with new nude lip shades recently! This new nude Colorsensational range from Maybelline, and the rest of the Colorsensational line are just WOW. 

I saw these Nudes on a blog recently and I had to go get one, there was only one that really looked suitable for my skin tone which was the shade 725 Tantalizing Taupe, I think these are Maybellines version of the L'oreal Collection Privée nudes, there are 6 nude shades to suit all different skin tones, these look matte in the tube but are actually a slight satin finish as you can see above, so natural, moisturising and they don't fall into all the little lines on my lips, I love my shade its a perfect match.

All the Maybelline cosmetics were on 3 for 2 offer in Boots so I got this Colorsensational lip liner in the shade 132 Sweet Pink for free with my 2 lipsticks, I only have 2 lip liners to my name and I actually wanted a more nude colour to add to them but then I saw this and had to take her home, it's a matte soft pink colour, kind of a light salmon which is perfect for wearing alone with a bit of lip balm or under another pinky lipstick, the usual price is only £3.99 so I think it's actually so worth the money.

Lastly, another beautiful new lipstick, this one is also from the Colorsensational range and I chose the shade 132 Sweet Pink (I actually picked this up before the lip liner but they happened to be the same shade which is great) so this is also obviously a light natural pink with a slightly salmon hint, the finish of this one is much more lustre than the nude shade, gives a nice sheen to the lips and again is really moisturising and smooth when on.

From top, 1. Sweet Pink lipstick, 2. Tantalizing Taupe lipstick, 3. Sweet Pink Lipliner, 4 & 5 are to be continued.... In another review.

I really recommend this whole range for the price, the pretty packaging, the colour range and the different finishes I love them all, and on payday I'm sure ill be back in boots for some more.

Apologies for the over edited photos, my skin is horrendous at the moment so every single pore shows up on camera, I tried to make sure the colours were still the same as in the original photos.

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