Evolution of Smooth


I finally got round to buying an EOS lip balm, I picked the Strawberry Sorbet flavour and I ordered it online from Naturisimo. This is just a few thoughts on the product so far.

So for a start EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, secondly, these lip balms are organic and 100% natural, thirdly they are also paraben free, gluten free and petroleum free and last but not least, they have ingredients such at Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. do I have to say anything else? Now I totally see why everyone is obsessed with them, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go order every flavour but I am going to cherish the one I have. The scent and flavour is amazing by the way, this one smell exactly like strawberry Bubbalicious, so nostalgic for me. I love that you don't need to get messy with this like most thick lip products in tubs (I know I will eventually but for now I'm good) also you don't need a lot just a few rubs back and forth and my lips instantly feel smooth.

I really recommend these lip balms, I know they aren't that easy to get hold of in the UK but Selfridges have been selling them for months now so hopefully they will start rolling them out to our 'drugstores' soon too.

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  1. I nominated you for the liebster award. Check my blog for more info

  2. I am OBSESSED with those lip balms! I keep one pretty one every were and I've tried every color/flavor available in the drugstore near me. Really a great recommendation xo

    MD. http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/