Review. Chanel Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer


I love my nail polishes and have a great collection, which I always find myself adding to every time I go into Boots. The thing about my nail routine is that I very rarely apply a base coat or a top coat, unless I have a day off and therefore might have some extra time.

The top coat I have been using for a while now is Chanel Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

 Packaging wise it is perfect, sleek black and white, glass bottle in standard Chanel square shape, its only flaw being that it is opaque so you cannot see how much product is actually left.
You get a 13ml bottle for £18, which I do think is a bit steep, but I purchased this to encourage me to use top coat more often (I don't think it is working) and I figured that it was more worth it than an actual shade (although I do want some one day).

 Even though the description states "extreme shine", I have to say that I disagree, it does give a shine of course but its not super glossy like that fresh from the nail bar look and certainly not extreme which is a bit disappointing, it is very long wearing though, at least 5 days which I am impressed with because I very rarely get to keep my nail polish on for more than 3. It applies smoothly and doesn't appear to get gloopy at all. Overall it's not bad at all but I'm sure there are better and cheaper options out there.

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