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So I recently repurchased the Studio Fix Fluid foundation by MAC, as you might have seen my my payday haul, I was really confused because having heard so much about it since joining the beauty blogosphere I knew it had to be good, so the question is why did I ever stop repurchasing it? I have had a couple of bottles of this when I was around 19/20 and even bought one for my sister once, so out of curiosity I went and got another one to try.

Now I remember the problem with MAC foundations.... They don't come with a pump! You have to buy one separately, which I did attempt to do but they were sold out, so I was left pumpless. This foundation is pretty thick though so really I don't need one as I just pat out as much as I need onto the back of my hand and it doesn't go running everywhere or anything dramatic like that so not much of an issue there.

I chose the shade NC15 after discussing it with a MAC artist she also agreed I am shade NC15, before I used NW20 which is a little bit darker and a little bit pinker and I'm definitely not that now. I would say one 'pump' of this is enough for my whole face (and I don't scrimp on the coverage at all by the way), it gives me a nice opaque base without being too matte and making me look dead, I have been using it  with the Pro Longwear concealer also in NC15 because I find they go best together for the nicest natural finish, I don't want to be super matte. The coverage is definitely medium to full and the need for concealer is minimal (please note I have quite bad skin so for me to say that, it must be true). I think this lasts about 5-6 hours on me without getting shiny, the foundation itself doesn't slide off so it doesn't need a touch up, it just needs a bit of a blot or some powder.

You can see from the 2 photos above how well it covers my blue veins on the bottom half of my hand, it has been blended with a stippling brush which I find is the best brush to keep as much coverage as possible. The bottle is 30ml and costs £21.50, which I truly don't mind spending, it's definitely at the cheaper end of the spectrum as far as 'high end' products are concerned, for the amount that is used each time I think this is going to last a while, and I will definitely be repurchasing this when its all gone because I still can't figure out why I stopped using it in the first place.

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  2. great review omg I really love this mac foundation it great am go back for 3 more ;) go show I love mac