Shine where? Pores where?


Another primer new on the beauty scene, the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, I'm not quite sure how long this has been available, but I think no more than I few weeks, I got mine last week after pay day.
After only using it for a week this has definitely become my firm favourite, I recently did a review on primers, you can view it here, and this one had yet to launch so sadly I couldn't include it but alas, I am informing you now.... I love it the mostest!

The blurb on this states that it is a skin perfecting primer which has an ultra lightweight formula, it minimises pores, controls shine for up to 8 hours, won't feel greasy or heavy and creates a soft, perfectly matte complexion. I must agree that most of this is entirely true, I have used it for the past week, under my make up and it keeps me shine free for most of the day, I would say around 6 hours, baring in mind that I have a job that involves a lot of running around and sweating (sorry, but it's true) so I truly believe that it has the ability to last for a full 8 hours on a normal day to day basis.

What attracted me to this product is the fact that it is more of a cream consistency compared to most that are either mousse like or gel like. A small amount of this covers my whole face so it is amazing value for money, cheaper even than the Maybelline Baby Skin, as soon as its on I notice my pores looking smaller and not just filled up with the product, as I found with Benefit Porefessional, it's instantly mattifying and dries in really quickly which is great because I never have a lot of time in the mornings. It's not greasy in the slightest and doesn't make my skin feel stiff or dry.

This is it blended in and you can just about see the difference between the shinier edges of my hand and the matte centre. The one thing I disagree with about this product is the fact that it says it can be worn under or over make up, most primers and pore minimisers boast this but I find with every single one that underside the only suitable way to wear them because as soon as you add anther wet layer to you foundation it starts moving it around, other than that I have nothing bad to say about this product I'm loving it and truly recommend it to anybody struggling with oily skin and those who wish their make up would just stay put.

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  1. this is such a great primer, definitely underrated I believe, I haven't seen it a lot in the blogosphere but it's amazing since it's a drugstore product but works great and also so cheap <3

  2. what do you mean by moves it around?:D i find your blog very helpful. thanks for the review!

    1. After foundation is blended and dries in, if any thing wet is then added over the top, like a primer for example, all the foundation will move out of place, so with any primer I have tried I have found it best to use them under my mak up. Thank you :)