Review. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara


Like many other beauty bloggers I have recently purchased the new L'oreal mascara by the name of Miss Manga, the advertisements for this mascara were so eye catching and cute to not actually buy the product. I went in blind with this one having not read any reviews whatsoever before purchasing. The packaging boasts 'mega volume' and the adverts liken the effects to that of pretty little dolls, long, spidery lashes, not clumped together but nicely fanned out and each individual lash separated perfectly.

I really like this mascara. I have read a few reviews since buying it to see what other people have thought of the product, and surprisingly I only found one person who actually loves it like me.

I'm not really sure about the claim for mega volume but I definitely think this mascara separates lashes well, it holds a curl in nicely and is perfect for a 'daily use' mascara, it's not too extreme and leaves lashes looking doll like and pretty, I feel like it actually lengthens my lashes too which I love because my natural lashes appear pretty short because they are curly.

The wand is cone shaped, tapered if you will, so it's great for getting in the inner and outer corners and for turning on end to reach individual lashes. The wand has a flexible section just before the bristles so it can bend back and forth to suit different application positions, I haven't found this feature particularly helpful since it doesn't move that much when pushed against the lashes as there is never enough pressure applied, but it's a pretty cool little invention nonetheless. The bristles are all different lengths which makes sure you catch every single lash and I think this is one of my favourite features about the mascara. 

I have been using this every day since purchase and I will definitely buy another one when its all gone. Hope this review was helpful. Did you like it?

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  1. Like the look of this one, might have to pick it up this weekend :)

    1. Boots are doing a buy on get one half price on L'oreal at the moment :) xx